Anthony Cook, Laserwing

Long Story Short:

Anthony Cook is a 16-year-old average-ish American boy who gains superpowers when some alien magicians accidentally zap him with a spell gone wrong. Now he flies around and fights crime.

Ludicrous Detail Ahead:

Full Name: Anthony Lawrence Cook
Nicknames, Aliases: Tony (everyday nickname), Laserwing (superhero name), Sparrowhawk (internet handle)
Birthdate: March 19, 1989
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches (~188 centimeters)
Weight: Before superpowers: 160 pounds (72.5 kilograms) After superpowers which gave him hollow bones: 90 pounds (~41 kilograms)
Hair Color: Human: Dirty blonde Laserwing: Bright blue
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Vaguely tan
Ethnic Background: ???
Nationality: American
Blood Type: AB-
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite song: Stayin' Alive, the Bee Gees
Favorite TV show/movie: Dragonball Z
Favorite book: All of the original Dragonball

Physical Strength: Average
Magical Strength: Incredible
Speed: Incredible
Intellect: Average
Combat Skill: Melee: Below Average Aerial: Good Magical: Good
Durability: Below Average
Senses: Above Average
Sanity: Average


Tony's powers boil down to the fact that his soul inhabits two bodies at the same time, in the same place. One, his normal human body, was the same as anyone else's, but his Laserhawk body was granted to him through an accident caused by the trainee magician Mistaire. The Laserhawk is made of pure, non-elemental magic energy, and can be made even more powerful if its summoner (Mistaire) channels more magic to it. While the two bodies don't fuse, technically, the Laserhawk does grant the human some neat shit.


Tony has wings sprouting from his back like an angel, made from Laserhawk energy. They phase through solid objects as if they weren't there, and can change shape when needed. Tony feels them like his other limbs, even when his magic is suppressed in human mode. He can fly easily, is very agile in the air, and can carry an average-sized person in flight. Normally he soars the way a hawk does, but can change the shape and movement of his wings for other situations, including a hummingbird's hover. However, he does not levitate. If he stops flapping his wings (or doesn't have enough wind beneath them) he falls like any human would.

Tony also has an increased running speed. Nobody's been able to measure his top speed...think of the Loony Tunes Roadrunner. This speed applies to his reflexes, he even talks faster when running. His speed in the air is even faster. His senses are hawklike. Before gaining his powers he needed reading glasses, but now he has perfect vision and can see much farther than a normal human. His hearing and smell are about as good.

Tony's greatest asset is his magical power, he has the potential to be a very powerful mage. Laserhawks are non-elemental by default, and non-elemental magic has no weaknesses and can surpass most defenses. He learns to control his magic very quickly. He could suppress his Laserhawk form and appear normal after a few hours of his transformation, and could fire non-elemental energy blasts at will after a day of instruction. Humans normally don't have that kind of aptitude, it takes them months of training to be able to feel their magic at all. His ability to control his magic can probably be attributed to his Laserhawk side, which is made entirely of magic to begin with, but it's unclear if his power level was abnormally high for a human or just another benefit from the Laserhawk.

Tony's worst power is his ability to, um, talk to birds. Well, not really, it's not like there's some universal bird language that he can speak. He can imitate any birdcall (something he had never even tried before his transformation) and interpret the moods of bird noises and body language. If he tries he can get basic information out of them, or get them to do things for him, but it depends on the intelligence of the birds.


Tony's Laserhawk side is directly tied to Mistaire, the mage who summoned the spell in the first place. She can cut off his magic when she wants to, and if the two are separated over too great a distance, he may die. Trying to dismiss the Laserhawk with a basic spell almost ripped his soul out of his human body entirely. He is also extremely light due to his hollow bones (apparently necessary for flight), and can be tossed around and busted up pretty easily. Since childhood he has been a bit clumsy on his feet, which interferes with his fighting and makes his superspeed hard to control. He heals at the same rate as a normal human so it sucks how easily he can be hurt. Also, he has a serious fear of scorpions.


Tony's life before superpowers was as normal as possible when everyone around you is insane. His parents, Annmarie and Dennis Cook, are typical nerds of the last generation, while Tony somehow didn't inherit the nerd gene. His best friends Matt and Josh, whom he has known since the first grade, are pretty crazy as well. Tony does adequately in school and crushes on a girl-next-door type named Clarisse.

The only thing truly notable about Tony before gaining his powers is that when he was young he had a weird walking problem. Though there was nothing wrong with his legs physically, he somehow learned to walk the wrong way, having a very slow, shuffling, clumsy gait. The problem has since been corrected but he is still a bit clumsy and afraid to even try anything complicated like dancing.

Relationships: Tony gets along well enough with his parents, though they think he's turning out to be a boring person. He is best friends with Matt Wright and Josh Connor, though they are both closer to each other than to him. He has harbored a crush on Clarisse MacLeod since the fifth grade but never acted upon it. Mistaire Dufelle, who is the source of his powers, slowly becomes like a sister to him. He is taught by both Sargreon Sohla and Pauline Doomehart, but is not extremely close to either of them.
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