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Panel 1:
Josh starts awkwardly swinging his scythe.
Panel 2:
As the scythe passes through the ghost, the ghost starts to dissolve.
Panel 3:
The ghost gets sucked into the gem on the scythe, like some kind of Luigi's Mansion ripoff.
Ghost Woman: EEEEAAUGH!
Panel 4:
The Red Jackets stare in confusion and awe.
Matt: This is probably the fourth to fifth most confused I've EVER been.
Panel 5:
In the foreground, Josh taps on the scythe's gem as if making sure the ghost can't get out. The Red Jackets are right behind him.
Matt: Right behind that time I fell asleep Tuesday and woke up Thursday.

Matt is relaying a true story here, I once missed an entire Wednesday. Not like, I slept through it, but like, as soon as it was over I couldn't remember anything that happened during that day. A lot of Matt's little idiocies are just projections of myself. I like how Mistaire takes her eyes off the ghost-related craziness to stare at him, like he's the weirdest thing going on right now.

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